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Commission FAQ

What is a commission?

A commission is the opportunity to get a custom piece from your favorite
artist. Whether you have exacting details or simply a specific size or color
scheme in mind, I can work with that information to create a one-of-a-kind piece
perfect for your space.

What does the commission process look like?

Here is a step-by-step guide to the commission process:

  • Tell me about your idea by filling out the form above.
  • I will get back to you with any additional questions and to
    discuss the details of your custom piece.
  • Once the details are worked out, I will send you an invoice
    for the deposit. This is a nonrefundable deposit of 50% and will go towards the total cost of the piece.
  • Once I receive that payment, I can begin designing your custom piece of art!!
  • I will send a digital copy of your design via the e-mail
    provided for you to review. I will do one free revision. Additional
    revisions will incur an upfront cost of $50 each to cover additional work hours.
  • Once you love and sign off on the design, I will begin working on your
    piece and have it completed within the agreed upon timeframe.
  • After I have completed the piece, I will send a picture of
    your new custom work of art as well as an invoice for the final 50%.
  • Lastly, once the final invoice is paid, we can schedule a time for delivery or I will send the piece via mail courier.
    Delivery outside of San Diego County and shipping will incur additional costs
    and would ideally be discussed in our initial conversation.

What kind of information do you need to start a commission?

You can give me as little or as much information as you'd like! I am confident I can create a stunning custom piece for you.

With that being said, here are some helpful things to get exactly what you have in mind:

  • Size
  • Subject
  • Color Scheme
  • Desired Mood
  • Relevant Back Story
  • Timeframe or Deadline
  • Any Related Reference Pictures

Will you paint whatever I want?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Yes, but...

I am open to painting any subject (abstract, pet portraits, marine life, landscapes, fantasy, erotica, etc.) without judgement but:

  • What I choose to put my signature on or advertise as a piece of mine is up to my discretion and will be disclosed in my inital e-mail.
  • All commissions will be in my style. I will not copy another artist's style.
  • All designs will be unique, one-of-a-kind. I will not copy another artist's design.

Do you do take commissions for things other than paintings?

Yes! I absolutely love to get creative and I have years of experience with a ton of different mediums. Tell me about your idea in the form above and I will get back to you with my realistic limitations.

As far as subject matter, please reference previous drop-down "Will you paint whatever I want?"

How long do commissions take?

There are a lot of different factors that affect how long commissions take.
I will try to accommodate any deadline requests and will let you know if it is
possible up front.

Some factors include:

  • Previously scheduled commissions
  • Upcoming events
  • Size of commission
  • Amount of detail in commission

To give you an idea, my average piece takes about a month to complete.

How much do commissions cost?

There are several different factors that affect how much a commission costs.

Some factors include:

  • Size of commission
  • Amount of detail in commission
  • Additions such as Framing, Canvas Upgrades, Shipping or Long Distance
    Delivery, Oversized Shipping or Delivery, etc.

To give you an idea, my base cost is the same price as my original paintings, $385
per square foot.

Non-painting commissions are priced per project and open to negotiation.

What happens if I don't like the final piece?

Let me start by saying, this has never happened, and I promise to remove this if it does!

  • In order to guarantee you absolutely love your custom piece, following your first free revision, I will continue to do unlimited revisions at an upfront cost of $50 each to cover additional design hours.
  • If you decide not to move past the design process, I will refund 50% of the initial deposit not including any additional revision fees.
  • If you decide you do not like the finished piece and do not pay the final invoice, your deposit will not be refunded, and I maintain ownership of both the piece and design.

Let me finish this by saying I will do whatever I can, within reason, to make sure you are happy with your custom work of art. If you have any concerns, please reach out and I would be happy to address them.