About the Artist


About Margaret L. Gonzales

     Margaret is a wildlife conservation artist from San Diego, California. Her work focuses on the beauty of the world around us and the animals that live there. With what is going on right now in our oceans, sea life is on the forefront of her mind which is evident in her current body of work. Margaret aims to bring animals to the focus of conversation with dynamic composition and electric color pallets. She hopes that the magic people experience when encountering her work helps spark that passion we need to support wildlife conservation.

"I have always had a connection with nature, especially animals, and right now, more than ever, they need us. What is happening in our oceans is something that will not only effect humans but will also directly effect every other living thing on this planet. That's where my focus is. I can't get my mind out of the ocean and I hope to get more people thinking about it too."- Margaret Gonzales

     Margaret's bond with animals began just as early as her love of the arts. Growing up in Southern California, she spent a lot of her childhood learning at the world renowned San Diego Zoo, visiting Birch Aquarium and hanging out in Pacific Beach. When she wasn't swooning over nature, she was creating art, crafting projects, and playing music.

     In college, Margaret majored in music with the plan to become a music teacher but with the life-long dream of being a business owner, she decided to go in a different direction. She began her career as an independent artist by drawing realistic graphite portraits of children and pets. In time, with a love of vibrant color, Margaret decided to break out of the grey world of graphite and began painting. Eventually, she developed her style of vibrant abstract backgrounds with realistic animals in dynamic compositions.

     Today, Margaret can be found in her studio, painting creatures of the deep. She is currently focused on getting her work into juried shows and has proposals out to have pieces hung in public locations around San Diego.

 Lastly, Margaret is extremely proud to announce she has met one of her goals this year and has begun to donate a portion of profits monthly to ocean conservation. Every purchase benefits ocean clean-up efforts! Click here to learn more. 


Our Mission

Blue Pearl Art Studio features original artwork by Margaret L. Gonzales. Our goal is to create a connection between collectors and the beauty of the world around us. With dynamic composition and an electric color pallet, each piece brings a small part of our world to life in an exciting new way.

One of my life-long goals, coinciding with being a business owner, has been to find a way to do something positive, a way to give back to the world. The oceans have always been a major part of my life and are an inspiration for my work. Unfortunately, they are in desperate need of our help right now and I am grateful to be able to step up and contribute. Hopefully my work will inspire others to do the same. -Margaret L. Gonzales

Eventually, we hope to expand our growing studio into a large gallery featuring other like-minded individuals. Check out our conservation page to learn more about what we've been doing to help.